tanzkongress 2009

Knowledge in Motion

The publication to the Dance Congress 2006 has been published in German under the title "Wissen in Bewegung" and in English as "Knowledge in Motion" at the transcript publishing house. In addition to a selection of the lectures held at the Dance Congress, the eighth volume of the series TanzScripte contains essays and interviews on the topic of „Knowledge in Motion“. The 34 contributions and numerous illustrations present various perspectives of artistic and scientific research in dance.

In a globalised society, dance is gaining in importance as a means of conveying body knowledge. It is perceived as an art form in itself, is fostered and cultivated within the bounds of cultural and educational policy, and is increasingly becoming the subject of research. Dance is in motion all over the world, and with it the knowledge that it holds. But what does body knowledge in motion constitute, how is it produced, how can it be researched and conveyed? Renowned choreographers, dancers, theorists and pedagogues describe the unique potential of dance as an archive and medium as well as its significance at the interface between art and science.

Contributions by and with
Alexandra Baudelot, Inge Baxmann, Jason Beechey, Henk Borgdorff, Edith Boxberger, Gabriele Brandstetter, Boris Charmatz, Julia Cima, Bojana Cvejic, Ingo Diehl, Cornelia Dümcke, João Fiadeiro, Erika Fischer-Lichte, Rebecca Groves, Yvonne Hardt, Hanna Hegenscheidt, Dieter Heitkamp, Marijke Hoogenboom, Pirkko Husemann, Claudia Jeschke, Gabriele Klein, Constanze Klementz, Kurt Koegel Rudi Laermans, Scott deLahunta, Thomas Lehmen, Susanne Linke, Waltraud Luley, Royston Maldoom, Linda Müller, Martin Nachbar, Elisabeth Nehring, Alva Noë, Jo Parkes, Livia Patrizi, Jeroen Peeters, Felix Ruckert, Björn Dirk, Schlüter, Norbert Servos, Hooman Sharifi, Irene Sieben, Peter Stamer, Silvia Stammen, Meg Stuart, Hortensia Völckers, Eileen M. Wanke, Gabriele Wittmann, Norah Zuniga Shaw

Sabine Gehm, Pirkko Husemann, Katharina von Wilcke (Eds.):
Knowledge in Motion. Perspectives of Artistic and Scientific Research in Dance
Bielefeld, transcript 2007
app. 360 pages
soft cover, coloured illustrations 14,80 € (D)
ISBN 978-3-89942-808-4, WG 1586

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation